The Four Kinds of Disc Jockeys

A good party comes with good forms of entertainment. One of the best entertainments that a host could offer for his or her guests is giving good kind of music that can bring them closer to the dance floor. Good music can be prepared by the host. However, it takes an expert to mix and choose the right kind of music that will surely set the mood of everyone else. This expert is called a disc jockey or more commonly known as a DJ. Every event is unique and there is a different DJ for every event. Let us look into the different kinds of DJs for your event so that you can choose one wisely.

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The first kind of DJ to choose is the professional DJ. This person does this as his main job. This person has probably worked for a long time about mixing music and playing the right kind of tune. It is smart to hire this kind of DJ when you want to have several music styles being mixed together. Moreover, since this person thinks of it as his profession, he can spend time on meeting you and he tends to listen to your suggestions. However, this person works for himself and usually does the things on his own so his fee is a little bit expensive. The second kind of DJ that you would want to hire is a club DJ. These kinds of DJ usually do the mixing live just like in a club. This kind of DJ should be ideal for events with younger audiences. Most of the time, younger people like to groove and dance with mixed music. The third kind of DJ that you would want to hire is a group of professional DJS. Unlike the first type, this kind comes in a big group. This is ideal for big events because they usually have a backup in case one cannot show up. However, you need to book their time ahead because they are usually busy and they have a lot of events booked.


Lastly, if you are thinking about budget and lowering costs but you still want to have a DJ for your event, then you should probably hire a part time disc jockey. This person only thinks of being a DJ as a hobby. The disadvantage of hiring this kind of DJ could be time limitations because he has a full time job or he may be schooling. You will not have much time in seeing this person and telling him what you want. Never choose this kind of DJ for very big events. Get Band for events Melbourne

To conclude, there are different kinds of DJs to choose from depending on the kind of event that you have. If you have a big event, hire a professional DJ company or a professional DJ. If your audience belongs to the youth, then probably choose a club DJ. However if you have a tight budget, go for a part time DJ instead.

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