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There are hundreds of people who are already a member of Holloway Case. The elite organization for the smartphone enthusiasts who lets you experience the latest technology before the whole world does. You can also be a part of the elite team. You just need to be a member of Holloway Case, and you can already take advantage of the all the benefits we can offer.

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If you are tech savvy, we are sure that you want the latest development when it comes to smartphone innovations. Holloway Case provides you the latest news and happenings straight from the biggest companies that develop phones.


Whenever there are new phones released in the market, all of us are eager to get a hold of it so we can try it out. Holloway Case provides that opportunity to all our members. It is a better opportunity as a matter of fact because we can give you access to these inventions on their prototype stage.

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Since you can have access to the prototype samples, it means you are part of the development of these high-end smartphones. You can provide your feedback on what are the things that can be done to make a project a success.

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